Image hosting by Photobucketwell anyway thats easter monday for you, not a lot happenin sittin here on me jack jones as per ush i mean i would only be sittin in the bleedin pub otherwise and how much fun is that compared to being the only fecker at work in west dublin or whereever the fuck we are, no phone calls, no e/mails , no dumb ass couriers the day with deliveries for the wrong company all in all a day that would drive ye totally mental, weathers crap as well and here,s me thinking i could leave the coat at home and what happens bleedin rain, gettin home from this place should be a bleedin lark as well bus,s as is the norm on bank holidays are few and far between cause lets face who the hell wants to travel anywhere on a bank holiday, i do ya bastards i want to be able to get feckin home thanks very much

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