Image hosting by Photobucketstill raining here, brill,bit of a bummer of day all round, still get all the mad phone calls , must have the same number as some pther place obviously, gets a wee bit awkward now and again especially when they ask for the coroner because a family member just died, we do the standard telephone answering pish announcing the name of the company and all that guff but do peeps listen , nope, just start prattling on about their dearest departed, defunct or just plain dead, what can i do, ye do have to keep pretty much some sorta professional type thingy approach to these wrong callers, when we first started gettin them i thought it was some type of wind-up, your kiddin me surely, we get folks phoning up asking if they can buy headstones???????? not unless one of the other guards has got a wee sideline goin on,anyhoo fink i,ll piss off earrly this evening, be a night in the house as well looks like the rains on for the duration, oh and bugger and bollox i think i left me washin out on the line , fecker, cant be arsed cookin much these days , helluva way to lose weight though just lose complete interest in food, think i,ll have to do summit wit the cheese in the fridge before it does something to me

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