Image hosting by Photobucketwell we,re gettin through the day slow but sure, pissin rain here as per norm, weekend weatherv was a wee bit better than the norm, sunday was a sunny day just ideal weather for hangin out in a beer garden, i know it,s ridiculous it sounds like the only thing i get up to when not working is drinkingyou would think i should just combine the two and get a job in a boozer, nah where would be the fun in that, some mad fuck on saturdau night thought i was french or summit, bleedin nutjob how the hell did they come to that conclusion??????????????? friay night friday night what the hell did i do on friday night, oh yea went house hunting then went to me bed early or some thing, more house hunting on sat, morning and afternoon, then the pub at night, what wild and lavish lifestyle i have, anyhoo have to knock it on the head for a while got bills to catch up on, put in for some hol,s as weel and they,ve been approved, really have to get home and visit the folks, get the old passport updated as well, and save some bloody money this time for goodness ya mental eejit ye

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