arnie sarknussen!!!!!!!!!!!!!or whatever, even hello would be a start, it,s not a day to be johnny foreigner,
but wot kin ye do,
some bad news for a load of the poles today, who,ll soon be dancin all the way to da dhss ,
ya know yer gonna hav ta stay at the ymc@ ah feck off will ya, disco shite :(
anyhoo i,m sure it,s gonna be a bit of A dilemma for some peeps, tink the management and the like here lied jusr a wee bitty when they took folks on, even though it was only temporary contracts, this time round it seemed to be even shakier than before, so is this wot the celtic tiger is really about is it, a feckin toothless kitten who is unable to compete on a level playin field, every fecker from overseas is well aware of the open hostility towards incomin workers, this abuse of the employment act is no big feckin suprise, just how the hell do ye expect to prop up yer feckin economy wit this type of practice, inflated rents for shit gaffs, ridiculous asking prices for starter homes, insurance companies who are just on the make, it all starts at the top here as well, bertie is just a fuckin crook but at least fat arse harney has taken time off to spend with her cakes, anyways other stuff old froggie gets kicked out the gaff this week, wells mibbe not kicked out but e ,as too leave (bye) which is a shame for the wee girlie that has been sniffin round frenchmen,s creek......hey daphne are ye gonna be upset when pierre flys the coup, .....my names rebecca and i dont give a feck, really some birds are mental, so we all trundled off to the Inn last eve for some nautical portions of rum, jamaica, no she came along gladly. oh the rum, it was from honduras, no, jamaica inn fuckwit, dont be a silly bollocks twas the hartstown inn, jamaica inn indeed :)
so how wos it, well....slithe and tovey?????????????????

da sun is still shinin here which is just as well cos if it wasn,t we,d all probs be dead, Ayr Gold Cup this weekend which is gonna be won by a big feckin horse that runs much quicklier than the rest, da pope has insulted the muslims(who cares)go figure?? recently one of the geezers was flyin back ta oxford and had ta wait hours in a queue ta sticks e,s shoes through some type of scanner, once he got to da front of the queue e started an absolute rammy by askin the highly contentious question, so which one of us white anglo saxons d,ye think will blow the shite outta yer plane then!!!!

more footie last night of da UEFA Cup variety, Derry has a good result against PSG, which is cool, sure suprise some peeps who label the Eircom Premiership as total shite, try goin to a game ya feckers, annoyin bastards who sit in da pub of a weeken, wearin their bleedin english premiership jerseys and the like, but one thing that pissed me off a bit was the fecker readin the results, Derry blah blah blah, great result, newcastle,blah blah blah,west ,am blah blah, totting em yadda yadda yadda, and the proddie feckers drew, wot i was appalled, wot d,ye mean ye didn,t hear that, wot feckin channel do you wotch :)

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