GOOD MOANING, how are ya, i,m ripe and ready for a right old whinge windbag that i is at times, back in this kip once again :(
but at least it,s the last day of the week, thank feck :)
last nite wot wit it bein tursday and payday, wots did i gets up ta, hmmmmmmm

yep that exactly, that and not much else
wnet over ta see mo & v , havin a few wee probs they is at pres, so we set up a defensive compound , hid behind the sandbags and had a wee snipe at folks, hehehe, nuthin too serious mind you, just shots meant to incapcitate, maim, not kill,
so there we are in our redout, mucho ammunition to take on the invadin hordes, the supply train has dropped off enough merlot chardonnay chablis and devils bit cider to keep the froggies in misplaced haughtiness for generations, we took aim pow, heh ,
ya dirty bastids ye, ue dirty bollox, feck, feck, feckin, assholes, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, damn near ppoetic at times we do be, there must be folks wanderin round this morn with awkward gaits this morn after bein shot in the hole from behind the grassy knoll,
but to the details so as to expunge the demons that are kith and kin, collegues and associates,

weeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll lets not eh :)
all is forgiven as usual, all it take is some late nite pizza, a few glass,s and off ta bed. i,ve cut out red meat for over a week now, fits and rages semm to have abated for awhile, the urge to murder, wether it be a few jars, a bottle of the nippy sweetie, the phone credit or the fucker from round the corner, all gone ,hmmmpphh,
so what does the weekend have in store...........well saturday and sunday of course, knows ye would luv ta hear go on at great length and grisly detail, but i dont wanna, let you do it this time round :)

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