wot ho fucko, how ye jolly well doin, everyone goin GAA GAA again this weeken, its da final of twat ball or summit, the fuck uggo,s V,s Kerry, eeecchh, how can such ugly fucks like the bleach boys win da maguire, ooooooooooo we,ve got the under 21 all ireland, and balla what d,ya call it are probably the best club team in ireland, .........feck off would ya......not that i,m bitter or anythin just cos they beat the Dubhs, just never liked ye,s ya bunch o boggers, if folks fron lyon are called lyonnaise, wot d,ya call folks from mayo.......CULCHIE FUCKS :)

footie last night, champions league stuff, real sport none of yer summer of sam nonsense, Celtic took on MAN uRE nited, great stuff an all so it was, into those english bastards, doesn,t have the same ring to it these days wot wit man u, being as multinational as any football team these days, celtic did well enough but not enough to win obviously, did show the divide between scottish and english football and aint as big as folks think, ok the tactics we,re meant to limit the more skilful players on the man u side, but thats what ye do in sport, one of da geezers actually travelled to old trafford for the match, he has a really blinkered view on everythin celtic, not ta worry at least he aint a feckin arsenal supporter :)

have been havin a wee bitty bother recently wit the old lazy bowels, i know it,s just wot ye wanted ta hear
, been tryin everything from starvation, no idea how that one was suppose ta work, even tried drinkin loads and loads of alcohol, now that ones easy to figure, not only don,t ye give a shit but ye dont give a fuck at the same time, but ye luv everybody at the same time, hmmmmmmmmmmmm........ gave up on El Jalapeno, the chill of a carnal kind cos it was burnin da feck outta me, just way too painful, exhausting as well, wouldn,t use that remedy again even tequila mockin bird, an thurs sum mockin bird this now who i probably needs tequila, anyhoo so.s las nite right, some refried beeeeennnnnnzzzzzzz, hah, yeah, it,s shiny , it,s regular and wot d,ya know it don,t smell :)
i know iknow.thank u for sharing
it,s a pleasure :)

still havin loads a problems with door system here, doesn,t seem to be an easy answer, could be funover the weeken :) it,s thursday yet again,,haha, payday yet again an all, which one of these events are not worth given a bugger about the most hmmmmmmm, choices choice schoices, am about ta get really fucked off at some pers maybe,s, just have ta see which way it goes, befores i start ta get a bit more aggressive, more later, me,s goin for brekkie, then a quick plop plop :)


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