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guff , this is done in da new blogger BETA format, it allows ya ta mess about a bit with the css/html nonsense, the piccie above has been hotlinked(ooo bad boy) it,s done with applying opacity to the background image, overlaying text, with a bit of trial and error, loads of bleedin practice you can get some type of format to yer entries in blogger without haven to use a predetermined tempplate for all yer daily bloggin, ok so some days it,s gonna look total crap but there ye go, also in the new Beta format ye can design yer own style sheets, dont ask me am jusr passing on the blurb, adding pics is a bit easier as well, also stuff on thingies in the sidebar lot easier, so if ye wanna add stuff like links, stat counters, it,s a load more easier,chat module whatever, ye just use some cut n paste code piss of nonsense at times, the wee interface they,ve got going now seems to be a lot more user friendly, no more trawlin through the stylesheet lookin for where yer supposed to add the bleedin stuff. even the likes of a ip blocker can be added if ye wanna pis peeps off an stop them stickin gunk or even visiting yer blog, hahahah, thats a wee bitty twisted :)

Anyhoo the reason for stickin the pic on with all the blurb, ex-presssie and all round dirty old bastard is visitin Dublin today to give us some spiel on globalisation, a book signing, a Q&A SESSION,(WHO CARES) and will probably have a fruit salad a couple of secretaries and knob a yooung boy or two(hmmmmmmmmm), supposedly earning some thing in the region of 700,000 for this quickie tour of various kips in Ireland and the UK,maybe he will drop a few tips Big Fat Berties way on how ta earn the money, wonder if he,ll do a monica on Fat Arse Harney heh :)


nonsense bouts Beta , is the comments section, at the mo there seems to be a bit of an issue with Beta format and original blogger templates, they dont seem to be tooo compatible ???? np idea why, if ye sign over to Beta ye cant put comments on other folks blogs that are not in the same format, one way round about it seems to be allowing anon comments on yer blog, turning off word verification and the like, seems to work just as well in IE 6 at present, wonder how long it will take for that to change,

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