well oh well, how ya doin, do i have stuff to tell you, well no i dont
same old same old, not a lot been happenin as per ush
except for total feckin carnage on the roads yet again,
the usual local feckin murders and what not
what joy :)
me i stayed in the house for most of da weeken
watched telly and got drunk, safest place to be
see-ing how i stay in a cul de sac, less chance of gettin
run over, or accidently bumped off in some drive by
shooting, still didnt watch feckin strictly come dancin though
load of shite is what that is, are you for real.
Anyhoo, had some folks over for Satrday night, good
company who i hadnt seen in ages, did some cookin and
stuff,went suprisingly well, no shouting and swearing
and the like,??why would there be ye might ask, well i aint
gonna bleedin tell ya, been messin bouts with templates and the like again ,no good reason for it other than i likes messin about, anways.........

watched the Da Vinci Code on saturday night, it,s watchable thats about all i can say for it, it aint totally dreadful, and watched aeon flux?? in between sending out for beer and ice cream, well you do dont you/
actually did some cookin over da weeken too, wot a bleedin major talent i is, even got the washin machine up and runnin for a bit
did nearly fall bleedin asleep on saturday when the company was there
woulda been kinda uncool, but wot the hey,
sunady watched the footie, ugg, liverpool really fucked up, :(
at least Rangers won, but come on it was against St Mirren
the an evening in the pub,
all in all quite a decent weekend, dont know why every fecker has to comment on me weight though, its, not as if i,m fading away

so i,m sittin here at me desk as the norm on a mundane morn, scared to have a wee fart just in case there,s a big follow through
not really a lot to tell, just
gonna stick some pretty pics on here
then go and get some brekkie
what you gonna get up to
coffe is shit once again
this morning, whats that about, dont be messin with the coffee
anyways thats bout it for now
enjoy the pretty pictures
more stuff later

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