well still messing bout, with all this
wallpaper lark, christ knows how i manage
bollox it up every time, maybe i,m not
sayin abracababra loud enough or
something, anyways, rather than do some
security type work like belt people and
tell them too feck off out of it
i,m sittin here tryin to be
constructive or some shit, prettying up me
E/Mails, heh, shit i dont have any content for
them,hahhaha, got plenty of animations and the like
just dont have alot to say in them,

Anyways i,m just padding this thing out just
to fill out the image i posted, think i may have arsed
up the code again or something :(
but what the hey, a bit of trial and error
and mibbe, just mibbe,

well i,ve waffled on more than enough



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