How the hell are ye doin there?? abck at work yet again, gettin ta be \a bit of a bleedin habit so it is, could have done wit stayin in me bed this mornin, rainin yet again, heh, well not a lot been happenin here, well cept for the big culchie fuckwits makin a complete arse outta them selves on Sunday, But Ireland did manage to beat the Lebanon at Rugby League, dont fancy there chances in the return leg though,ye know wot here like bout there rugby league in beirut??? more bumph, tink GB played australia or new zealand at a shit load of sports over the weekend, feck who was workin in all those bars in London if every other fecker was away plain sport of some description, but one thing about all these contests and various sports, one thing they all had in common is, THEY ARE TOTAL SHITE!!!!!! no football to be seen, feck, i mean wot hell is rugby league about, give it a bleedin rest will ya, doin he,ead in, as for the international rules, who actually gives a toss

well anyways not alot else happenin really, skanger the cheeky wee thing has developed a habit of plonking here small but cute and perfectly formed butt on me desk not very tactful, but enjoyable nonetheless, but see-ing as i sit at the front of house on main reception it does get noticed, especially as the cheeky beggar doesn,t move when anyone goes past or enters the building on what could be important stuff, ah well ye have to get things into perspective really, whats more important a cute ass or commerce :)
ye know if more folks time off to appreciate a pert little bottom yer day would have more meaning, trust me :)

So advetures in GMail hmmmmmm, pretty much a waste of time, yeah for sure ye can do loads of wee things innit, but it,s very finicky, ye can do most of the stuff alot simpler in outlook and outlook express by simply clicking add picture, sound etc, loads of the times the sound plays once in GmAIL the completely disappears, wtf is that all about,laods of extensions for it in firefox dont see the point in them really,gspace,gskins, whatever, it,s easy enough to upload files to gmail, you can apply lables to them easy enough so what d,ye need to download some extension for, as for g skins, well it doesn,t display the mail the way it was meant to vbe displayed ny the sender, which sorta defeats the purpose, it,s easy enough to hotlink pictures and what not, entering any HTML code is a pain in the butt, ye can change some fonts and the like as long as the end user has the same fonts on their machine, so all in all messin about with gmail was totally unnessecary but it was fun, and for folks who dont have outlook set up on their machine ye can achieve some of the same resulkts with a bit of trial and error, was gonna post some code but feck ya, postin vid links or whatever in gmail is pretty neat as well, it should open up in its own media player within gmail itself :), ye can make background images and use them in stationary in gmail but you cant view them??? they can be viewed however if ye are mailing to someones outlook account?? webmail doesn,t seem to be able to read them:(

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