so how the hell ye doin blogger buggers,see we,re all still in smug self righteous mode today, also very noticable is that yer still in chicken shit mode too,i mean wtf are you gonna do anyhoo,some fecker rabbiting on as usual bouts joy riders, folks who nick cars or whatever, so what, fuck the video, stick it so far up yer hole, i aint too bothered bouts folks who nick cars anyhoo, if ye cant lock yer car up properly tough shit, if yer incapable of orgainising some type of policing , kicking up a total feckin fuss wit yer local councillors, politicians, also tough shit, do we really need some geezer peddling video footage, freakin ayatollahs of the blogolla have being running on hyperdrive for the past cuppla days, offering their usual inciteful views on the shape and form of someones personal sight, now i have ta say really feck-off, wtf is labelling abouts really, wot do we need a list of folks and their supposed ability at bloggin and the like for???? is someone whose been goaded into offering an opinion really practicing free speech, what does the term 16 cat bag lady genuinely imply, is it summit ta do wit muny, sex, wot, then, do i really give a shit abouts journo,s and the shite they peddle, let them worry bouts their own feckin jobs and how they go about it

Other guff.......................Skanger....hot little tottie with a pert little bottie, parked herself yet again on me black marble slab,,,,,,i just need to get off my feet for awhile, wahey,

anyways cant really be arsed wit bloggin an all that shite at the mo.......... still keepin tabs on one of me compadre,s at work, their behaviour still tends to be a we bit odd, so i installed a tracking device on the puter, hmmmmmmmmmm, sneaky bastard that i is, will let run for a cuppla days then see wots ta do, even feckin sneakier, when i knew the exact location of the cheeky beggar at the time, i turns over his bag, just like a genuine nosey bleeder would, shock horror or enlightenment, well all i can say is i knew i was feckin right all along, but it,s wots ta do next is the wee prob????????????????????????????????????/

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