how the hell are ye doin,hmmmmmmmmmm
, the sun is shining here but it,s bleedin freezin eeeuuucchh ,
not a lot else goin on , but it,s pay day, YEEEAAAHHH MEEEEE
feel a bout of full contact shopping coming on, heh ,
time to change the old bed linene and stuff like that, well it has been a year, beginning to whiff abit'

SO i,m sittin here puttin ta gether a wee shoppin list of stuffs that i wants an needs, the needs list is very small indeed, the i want however is following me all the way to the Blanch Centre bye fork lift truck,Mr & Mrs Visa are gonna have a bleedin accapeevvy, heh, when de sees whats i,ve done, or went an did :)

TOPof de list has ta be some flash gear for flash Barry , dont wanna be getin dowdy now does we, still no excuse for bein tardy, trackies trainers are not an option, there worn by GITS and ye knows it, still messin abouts with this old puter lark, still in two minds on wether to buys one or not, tink i,ll go over to de dark side and buy drink and drugs instead,ha, i really dont need one at all, this is just a load of old palaver, keeps me from gettin bored, summit ta do ye know, i dont really needs ta talks to yoo cos your a git as well, but it does save me from gettin the old mussberg out and gettin me jollies that way, means if i goes rounds and abouts during the week whacking every geezer who dress,s like a freakin knacker what would i do at weekends, hmmmmmmmmmm,

Skanger seems ta be in a bit of a creampuff, fink she,s got some money probs,
as offered ta pimp her out for a bit, ya know 75-25, jeez the face on it, it,s money she didnt have so wots her story, economics aren,t her big thing, wrigglin bittin and exhaulting the on high and all mighty are more her ting :) .
anyhoo not a lot else goin on as i,ve said already, suprised ye,ve read this far, i mean i dont read yours, now off with yer self and get some bleedin work done, feckin dosser.

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