well frappechino to you to. hav ye had yer morning mocchalatte then, wot pish, al this bollox bouts folks who cant make proper coffe, fuck, what issit wit ya, apart from a wee bit of fluff on top some sprinklin of choccy powder, starbucks and the like totally suck, that just aint coffee, it seems to be missin one vital ingredient, CAFFEINE, jeez, other than that how the hell are ya, its been awhile, ......went and changed me job, not afore time was stuck i the last place for over fur years, and how did ye like the big fecki virus i left ya, i know it was childish and imature, but wot fun as well, hahahah ye,ll never figure how i did it either, and scumbags me still got a backdoor for whenever i wanna kick yer butt for entertainment, hmmmmmmmm,

other stuff, workin in town now, what a difference that is, bugger knows why all these net cafe things are still on the go, ye would have thought that every bloody had their own puter by now, but first thing in the morning these places stsrt gettin busy, imagine, either theres a whole lot of communicatin goin on or loads and loads of folks hav got feck all place to go or owt to do during the day, drugs could be the answer, well it seems to be rounds these parts,

wonder wot these gimper folks see in the mirror in the morn, the arse hangin out of their trackies, covered in shit, black eyed broken nosed, totally feked outta yer skull, the celtic tiger my arse, some bollox been feedin you a line methinks.

well chrissy went kinda cool, some folks were very very cool indeed, noo yeah was the ususual drunk fest, but wtf, last year was total shit , so fuck it and all who sailed innit, gots a big staff meetin tah day, how wonderfully democratic?????????????

young skanger seems to be outta the picture temporarily, bit of shame that but never mind, so for tthe time being hello and how the hell are ye :)

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