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hah me recent attempts at becomin captain Nemo, i know its sad i,ve got loads more toys than you, so wtf, :)..............should have centered these pix but never mind just i had ta show ya wots i get upta at times , load of nonsense really, only get me synth and the likes when i,m poor, not poorly , foolr that i stay in me bed and whinge alot, well i,m bleedin bloke in i, a geezer, weeaagh..................

anyhoo sittin here doin bugger all as per ush, work managed to bugger up me wages, me with bills to pay holidays ta take stuff like that and bosh, no feckin money paid into the bank, bollox,be off a week from costs more than ye think, only tomorrow to get through and then, yup another cucle of bills to pay, more parties demand yer presence, more folks ta visit loadsa stuff ta do, we aint had a night out in ages, bully for feckin you, anyhoo once thats over we have the countdown for xmas, o wot fun i,ve got ahead of meself, needs a haircut i does amongst other things, needs ta get a washing done, there is a monutain of minging clothes that would need a sherpa to engineer them towards the old twin tub, dry cleaning, vacuming, cooking, shopping, so whose gonna do all this shit...............

and anudder ting, got on one of those bleedin net movie sites, watch ON-LINE, my arse, was wotchin sum old guff, the italian job from 03 or summit, it only cuts out 20mins from the end and starts playin again from the beginning, the bastard, who the feck uploads these files, twisted bollo0x that they are, footie over the past days has been the same, got a bit of the pool match, bit of the chelsea, whoever we,re stealong the feed from would ya stop playin with the remote ya bastard

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