well ain,t the weather here just splendifirous, sittin wotchin films on the net, hah, wot shite,some of these flicks really shouldn,t see the light of day, :) steven seagal makes a shit load of films in a week, for a fat bastard thats quite good goin deranged fuck that he is, who the hell goes through life playin make belief as often that he does, yea yer dangerous man right enough, only too the fuckwits who invest in this shite, then again i,m freakin wotchin it but the weather here is shite so wot else ya gonna do, got some film on-line called fast, hahahahaha, downloaded it too, it has feckin sub-titles in hebrew, are u for feckin real,got too nip out to the spar for ciggies too, ah fuck,wot kin ye do, only get by cause of the drugs, so wonder wot folks get up ta sat afternoons in castleknock, b,ye go blitin down the auburn ave in yer souped up impreza or wot, me skyline still kick the ass of any stuff roun here, yer fat ass merc, yer knob fuck bentley wank machine, even that dayglo dago speed machine of a ferraro,hah, maybe i,ll just walk, no pro footie in Irelan as yet, maybe in the next hundred years or so, anyhoo i.m up. fit wull i dae oan a seterdey efternin?????????????????

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