well i survived the party, :) only just, has a massive attack of gas and the like on the way home, taxi driver thought i was havin a bleedin heart attack, hmhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, one thing though regardless of the digital age and folks striving to make cameras simpler to use, there,s no way i,m cut out to be a photographer, hah, wot muck they are, thenk feck some folks didnt turn up, they weren,t even mentioned in dispatch,s, certainly weren,t missed, so they seem to be out of favour wit the company, thankfully, saves us havin to get a wee bit aggressive, thats kept for special occassions, things went quietly enough.
got one of those invites the other day there, ye know the ones for all these communities, the likes of facebook, bebo and the like, this one is called yearbook or summit, load of shite, but it came from someone i work with, bollox so it is, opens up yer mail and starts spamming folks from yer address book, cunt is all i can say to the thing, i know the easiest thing ta do is just change me password and the like but these things are a pain in the hole to get outta yer system, anyways to folks who take up the invite, way ya mug ye,

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