yep i,m such a grown up, sittin playin wit me toys yet again, got both screens workin away, wotchin footie on one and an episode of Bones on the udder, not that i give a shite about either of them, aston villa.v. ajax, not too really arsed bout that , bones, well knobs to that pile of piss, but sittin there with the two of them blaring away it becomes apparent, i need another sound channel, one that can run concurrently wit de one ave got, instead of all the blurb cummin outta the one speaker set-up, and why not:) ...................... for some reason every time i do summit on the screen not showin the footie, the footie screen ret8urns to some tiny window, doesn,t totally minimize, but i have it on F11, full screen so ye can actuall see whats bleedin happenin, anyhoo wasn,t that much arsed bouts the game so when the whole things went tits-up i wasn,t that bothered, jings i said :)
for some reason me puter keeps doin weird shit, not just crashin as is windows favourite operatin mode, but comin outs with shit like runnin outta virtual memory, this machine would work quicker if you used a mass usb device???????????????? pcts exe. is not workin, i dunno does it expect me to care or summit, just keep clickin on things dats wot i do

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