Photobucketso howsit goin,eventualy got some time off,jings and skint again,so wot ye gonna do, sittin on the couch wit me wee black beauty,me 10incher(wahey)knockin out this crap, got me big telly on,some dvd,s some food bubbblin away in the kitchen a mere two yard stumble from this couch me big arse is melded to, hav,nt got any peat for the fire so its on wit the central heatin, ye know that feckin monster that seems to ant to solve the oil crisis all on its own, whoever designed the central heating system in this house needs a good kick up the knickers, anyhoo maybe i can get the girlies to drive round to the spar shop, hah lazy bollox that i is, back at work tomorra, needs the overtime as usual, money is already spent, we,ve got an outing to edinburgh planned for just after paddy,s day should be a laugh,anyways stuff thats on the telly, gotmeself some kinda digi-box a hundred channels of sod all, yecan expand the system so much extra sports channels movie packages all to find shit that ye wouldnt watch, wtf is that all about,no way happier or contented when yer on a night in than ye were when there was aboot 4channels,

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