Photobucketwell buggeration and bollox, hows it anging, bleedin freezin here workin on the night shift, cant get thesuperbowl on the pc either, not that am too arsed with that,would have passed afew hours though, went and got meself some new toys recently, beginning to look like inspector feckin gadget at times went and got a big feck-off telly for the gaff and that sorta crap, eventually got me broadband back on, too slow though but should be upgraded for the weekend, digi box for the telly is back workin an all, sixty channels of feck all, amazing the number of programmes i just wouldn,t watch, and for those folks who give off the shite, i only watch the discovery channel, get ta fuck ya bleedin eejit ye, re-runs of top gear on Dave, great name for Channel, are pretty much the standard fair, went and caught and old favourite this morning only to be totallt disappointed in how crap the film is, master of the world with vincent price always god for a laugh is vinnie, shame the film is pretty naff in the sfx dept, was gonna record it but the the dvd recorder is a pain in the hoop tryin ta set-up, anyhoo, got a day off the norra then back on for three nights and a whole weekend off ta meself

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