Photobucketyea me , finally got me broadband upgrade, jump n bite, kick scratch, spit and swallow, look over yer shoulder and bark, hah, the internet at greatly enhanced speed makes all things seem possible, wot joy, all i need now is a reason for having bleedin broadband or maybe even a feckin puter :)

just watched Slumdog Millionaire, was gonna save a for a night in the house or maybe even goes to the Cinema, nah maybe not, well worth a second viewing though,

other guff, radio yngwie on in the background, doing a quick scan the prob pay me phone bill, god the excitment. time to get a serious grip of the finances, january was a big spending month feck, now its time to face up ta all the fun i can have earning the money ta pays for it :(

not a lot, else going on, oh aye, Twenty Major has a new book oot, that should aste some times methinks, brill word that is, availible from all disreputable skank stores and liberties stall

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