hello boyz n gils :)

wits da story, wot d,ye get up ta over da weeken, me work mostly, well sat nite was a wee bit diff, some sort of sobriety , no whisky for a change, aint had owt in days, no i,m not skint, strange thought i won,y get hammered on the nippy sweetie , i know wine, vibno?? strange thought indeed, gis a case of wine then, poof :)

any difference, no not really, however i,m stiil avery loving and giving person hah,
anyhoo hav ye seen the watchmen yet, or ye been to told to remove it from yer pc hahaha,
strange days indeed, never seen a costume hero done from behind before, other shite, well worked sunday overtime , supposed ta be money for the edinburgh jaunt, we,ll see, gettin nearere so it is, if it comes off should be loads of fun anyways back to work, gettin really scary at times, couple of new blokes joined the elite squad hopin to become g4s supersoldiers, gee, scary they are , in all the wrong ways, ye just would not be lookin for these blokes to back ye up in any situation, mind you i tink ye would hav ta find thems first, i mean wtf, ye do realise at times there,s some really shitty work ta be carried oot, i know tings is gettin hard for peeps every where, but tink afores ye takes some job that i,ll get ye a kick up the hole for yer bother if ye dont know wots yer doin

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