, well thats boutPhotobucketwahey, sittin on the couch in me posh gaff in castleknockers,wireless and witless, brill, got the big telly just pourin out nonsense, got some brekkie cookin in the kitchen, oops scuse me, nearly got rissoles their, anyhoo slobbing on the couch less than hour after leavin castle greyskull or feckin numbskull, ideal being in reasonable commuting distance from work not livin on the arse end of dublin anymore, just a quick jaunt through the park and yer in town, course the traffic headin for town at that time of the mornin is atrocious, but i,m goin against the flow, no change there then, bus,s trains and the like, waste of bleedin time, full of kids being herded to skool, trains are non existent and the train station is nowhere bleedin near where i live or work, so feck it , get a limo, it may be a bit outrageous to have yer security guard turning up in a car a lot more expensive than the boss,s but shit ye feel a lot safer :) anyways only half an hour before the first re-run of top gear today, wonderful and there is nuthin skanger chav like about me, well thats about it from me, get on wit yer work ya lazy bollox ye

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