aloha and welcome to the castleknockers toyz R us :)

sittin in da house serving a suspension from work, jeez daytime telly would do yer nut in, have ta get back to earning the pennies, molto moolah needed ta keeps up wit da repayments on me wild lifestyle, hmmmmmmmmm, gots tons of shit plugged inta me telly, x-box, playstation, digi-box, dvd recorder, shit loads o films and heres me watchin re-runs of topgear on dave :(
shit thats wot it is

as ye can see me picture taking skills are still lacking, but old tangerine dream is still alive :)


hav ta take a snap of me DYSON, hah, paid summit like 400euro for a feckin vacum cleaner, mental or wot, the carpets in dis gaff were disgusting, required a right good see-ing to, so i boughts meself a big feck-off vacum cleaner, at least ye can walk on the thing now without sticking to it.

so hopefully will be back at work from next week, havin to move onto days for a bit, hate doin that losin out on the extra pennies, bollox, wot kin ye do, at least the job have been good to us keepin me position open for us....

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