aloha and welcome to this special celebrity edition of CRIBS :)
and whose the celebrity, well me ya feckers, this is where i get me COOK-ON and stufff and as promised a picture of the mighty DYSON, WAH WAH, the power tool for cleanin shit up, evry messy bollox needs one of these, anyhoo the pics are in no type of order owing to that messy bollox blogger bugger, feck nows the reason it chose to stick em in that oreder but there ye go, loads o knobbly bits and veg and the like in the kitchen, they get ye loads o poonanny so they does, ye don,t hav ta cook or owt, just have dem in da kitchen, the fluffies tink yer a wee bit sophisti, even if all deh get is some tea an toast, remeber ta throw out afore they comes too whiffy :)

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