Image hosting by Photobucket still in the process of knockin this thing together. lookin for some type of banner for the top of the page sumthin with a batman feel, other than that fings have really gone a wee bit tits up already feelin like shit with a wee dose of the flu unable to get time off cause we ain,t got enough staff to cover well ones who aren,t fucked outta their heads for most of the day, wouldn,t it be real fun to have them workin the night shift all on their own, come in the morning and find the place either burnt to the bleedin ground or totally emptied , so at the mo i,ve chucked this wee incident straight back at head office well thats what they get paid for, can,t believe their even considering leaving this guy here, come up with an excuse ye feckers make a decision,sittin there scared tthis geezer might take them to court, jings. other stuff the gas bill is enormous, the leccy bill has arrived just in time as well, what with rent due, havin to find a new gaff have a deposit for it plus a months bleedin rent in advance, great just what i need, also some folks have went awol or something??????????????? confused on that one,all in all i can truthfully say that dayshift has become a pain in the hole quite swiftly, maybe have to move back on to the nights maybe even a total change of scenery is called for, a move back home wouldn,t be the worst thing i,ve done recently me brothers business seems to be up and running real well these days, all this stuff to ponder on, well at least i looking a bit less rotund wiv not havin eaten for bout three days, slim but still fucked off

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