Image hosting by PhotobucketAloha and Hawaii or however ye bleedin spell it, wot about ye ya bunch of freakin headbangers, so wot did you get up to over the weekend,me, well i had a festival of jocularity all to meself so i,s did,many thanx to those involved , i,m still laughin me bollox off and here,s me just gettin overa hernia too, feck you really should have been there, :) anyways got meself a new place to live, pretty much just like the last place just round the corner an all move in on thursday, and to all those who have promised to help out i will be stickin needles in your eyes if you dont be warned,anyhoo back to the thanx and stuff and may blessings fall out of yer butthole i mean it was just the tonic i needed to help me over these hard times, ok so ma wee girl has went all huffy on me but what can ye do, but as i said before loads and loads of thank you,s and the like for the subtle inferences about some peeps ya freakin mad thing ye, ??? they have that junkie look about them, what the feck does that mean, they,re probably on the game, jeez, d,ye think hehehehe, i really do hang about in classy company, anyways to the cat in the hat DO ME, no really DO ME, i,m desperate, well so much for that bunch of cryptic bullshit, back at me desk as per norm, got the plod comin in to have words today, probably be xylophone and malbec but what can ye do, its all down to me crime fightin skills ye know i,m really turnin into batman right now

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