Image hosting by Photobucketwell fit like anyhoo, the sun may be shining but that dont make it any less of a shite day, the bullshit started flying early this morning, why on earth would you send me staff who cant speak english properly, wtf is this person gonna do all day, how i,m i suppose to be able to show what the job requires when i,ve got to sit here like a pilllock all day answering there bleedin phones doin their mail, room bookin travel bleedin arrangements, get all these feckers who turn up for meetings interviews and the like too the right place at the right time, why send a female to do a security job in a factory, it,s not tooo clever ya know, the last time this person was on the place got robbed, feck, anyhoo they pulled the staff from here to cover aplace in town, whats that all about surely they could get someone or something else to cover it, nah the fella in control just claims complete ignorance of the event the geezer from nightshift was supposed to stay a wee bit later,???? wtf difference would that make, other stuff get to the bank and the money i was relying on to complete me house move is not there bollox, can do without gettin into arrears from the off, been juggling finances in the past weeks trying to keep upto date with visa, gas electric, ntl can get a wee bit on top of you at times but thats where being paid on a weekly basis has it,s good points it,s only gonna be another 7days before i get paid again, what i dont need right now is peeps given me earache , i will get meself out of it somehow, it will leave me kinda skint and in the house over the next few weekends but that doesn,t seem to have real relevance other than limiting me leisure pursuits little as they are at present, so the big move is on for the day, haven,t heard any word from the owner since sunday, well a quick mail from them asking for numbers and dates and the like but no actual direct contact, that could work in me favour as they travel through their work and might be away for the weekend, which gives me a wee bit extra time, i know it,s a bit hit and miss but i dont have very much options at the minute, stiil have enough money to make a payment but it does leave me broke for the rest of the week, so no shopping this week and it looks like i,m going on a diet, well could do with losing a bit here and there, it will also cut down on me drinking i suppose, not that i bleedin want to, be very little company about this weekend which is probably a good thing hmmmmmmmmmm either working or travelling or whatever, so a weekend in the house is what i,m looking forward too, might try and pick up some overtime, better to be doing summit than just hangin about, to tell ye the truth that whole situation is beginning to piss me right off anyways, can do without the annoyances and distractions of last minute cancellations, the wasted time and freakin wasted food , i,m living on a limited budget at the mo folks dont have time to put up with folks mood swings if thats what they are, wont be contacting any fecker either gonna veg in front of the telly and bollox to ya, so dont be makin any of yer clever plans and wacky ideas, yea lets do somethin, dunno what your definition of doin stuff is think it differs a great deal from mine, anyways got plenty of footie on the telly this week, feckin shame me tellys broke :)

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