Image hosting by Photobucketwell we,re a day nearer the holidays, thank feck,the sun is shining but rain is forecast, no suprise there then, here,s one for folks who don,t like spelling mistakes,. feck off ya cnut, and whose is that car and what they doin ya sneaky bastard, really cant wait to have that one explained to me, course there is no real for any explaination all ye really have to do is EAT SHIT AND DIE, anyways Ireland went and lost at football last night???????? huge crowd yet again for a friendly, why is there no professional top class football in Dublin for goodness sake, loads of keech in the news this morn bout BEBO and My Space, it just isn,t that interesting ya know, here,s quick plug it,s for yet another add-on for blogger and the like, instead of just having comments occassionally left on yer piece of mince ye can have spotty wankers leave witty comments retorts fun gags and the like on blogger, my space etc etc, once again - ABAZAB ye use yer phone or webcam, it seems to work, i,ve got a cuppla comments on it already, and who was the smart wag this morn who come up with the term Ho-Chi- Minger, oooooooooppppppppss, i think was me, bugger should have editted that :)

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