bollox to you as well

Image hosting by Photobucket total shite mood today, weather total crap as per ush,another day closer to the deadline for finding a new gaff, did stick in a holiday request though, have to head home sometime for a visit been absolute ages, need to get the old passport updated , none of which is cheap, just sittin at reception as normal with me finger stuck up me hole, haven,t got our network connection issues completely resolved as yet other than that there,s piss all else happenin, this movin house lark is gettin to be a bit fustrating, want to stay somewhere close to work if possible or at least easy commuting distance, folks roun bout here are still the only folks i know in dublin as yet aint that keen on uprouting to another area, also their is some right dodgy wee streets in this area ye have to have some kinda knowledge of the area, plus if ye plump for shared accommodation ye pretty much have to get lucky and not be lumbered with some nutjob, decisions decisions, bollox

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