Good Morning Tehran

Image hosting by Photobuckethello there and how are you this morning, tons and tons of thanx for looking in yesterday if you,ve got a blog or page of yer own i,ll return the favour or even feel free to drop me some mail, but none of those nasty nasty bombs or missile thingies they hurt like fuck ooyah, look if you wanna get some negotiations goin here and form a wee alliance against yon nasty Mr Bush and his buddies no sweat, there,s at least 6 of us in security here, shit we could probably take on a couple regiments of marines on our own, remeber with me brit background i am so sarcastic the americans hate sarcasm plus i,ve got a couple of canadian cousins they could easily sneak over the border and cause all kinds of mayhem by setting up shop and importing north korean stereo,s, all kinds of electrical appliances, very soon they would have michael moore on their case but seeing as there canadian he,ll turn a blind eye, anyhoo cheers for the visit and may your chewing never lose it,s flavour.

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