Image hosting by Photobucketwell a big hello to what ever yer face is, are we all suddenly coming to grips with the fact that Finland is now the rock n roll capital of the world ( would ye ever feck off ) i know whats sadder finland winning or me knowing that finland won, i actually sat through the bleedin thing too, mental innit, ye would think even i could come up with summit better to do on a saturday night, nope, shit and it wasn,t even spoiled by the fact that the biggest majority of entries are total shit, or even some bugger who snored most of the way through it and they weren,t even sleeping they just seemed to think that it was appropriate to snore during the event, so they got wrestled to ground and a massive wedgie was administered to them, still it was an enjoyable evenin in fact it was pretty much a jolly weeken all round well except that it pissed down for most of it, back on the beer once again after an enforced period of sobriety due to skintness which led to some dancin about the kitchen on friday night like a big feckin eejit, jeez i think it was the water guv honest, anyways no small furry animals were hurt in the makin of a complete arse of myself though it wasn,t for lack of trying

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