Image hosting by Photobucketwell well Arsenal disappointed yet again, to be xpected, this Henry they rave about has been very ineffectual in big games, from the world cup four years ago, the euro championship and last night,s final he really doesn,t cut the mustard, ye cannot get away with saying it was a long season he has failed at the highest level on many occassions, i,ve always wondered if the git can walk and talk at the same time and anyroads i would never have thunk about relying on some french bollox to help ye win summit, the arsenal faithful my arse feckin deluded is what you are, so whats that then a season without bugger all, good things to come out of it, Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole aquitted themselves pretty well and should be fit for the world cup, shame bout yon erickson clown though, and feckin Ronaldhino belongs in a feckin circus, for some chump to suggest that La Liga is the best league in Europe at the mo piss off, we know how bent ye have turned football into ya bunch bullshitters, as for the world cup kicking off in a few weeks time, signs are that most of the big names this time around will be nearer there fittest so it could be a good competition, by the way France wont win, Englands squad selection doesn,t seem to be the cleverest, but feck the comp itself cannot be as bad as the last one in feckinKorea and Nip Land, how did these feckers get into the world cup and freakin Australia boring windbags played the solomon islands to qualify, it still should be a competition for european and south american sides the rest of yez can just plain fuck off, the USA are a world rated side , no they aint ya gobshite, is money turning this event into some kinda joke or what, ye know it half of these sides should not be here

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