BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Da Vinci premiere short on glamour

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Da Vinci premiere short on glamournow there,s thing ye dont see every day Tom Hanks and the word glamour in the same sentence, same paragraph, page , book even, bet he,s a right obnoxious prick anyways, such a shame the film is turning out to be a right old load of kakk, whats the saying is it script scrpit script, nah it,s location, hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, ach never mind, ye think the catholic church would quit whingeing boot this yoke and address the situation of pervy old beasts shagging young boys, or kick up a stink about the venue Cannes for feck sake, the Cannes feckin film festival, it,s about as vulgar as you can get, why not cause a stink about the disparity tween the folks who attend this shit and the peeps who live in the feckin place, there,s something really wrong there but what youse gobshites gonna do kick up a fuss bout some crappy film of a shite book based on yer own piece of fiction get a freakin grip would ya, there,s a pic here of some students, feck i know most students are smelly cnuts but these feckers queuing for tickets, fuck education is wasted on some folks, if ye wanna go see this pile of pish go feckin see it who cares, the west is free but c,mon tom hanks ron howard, douglas and dickless, and the oscar goes to - feckers

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