Image hosting by Photobucket well gettin through the day slow but sure , nuthin like bein methodical, use the same approach for loads and loads of stuff, first i get in there face, well why the hell not might save some time if the stupid blaggers just go ahead and blurt right out an tell ya, a wee bit of phsyco babble as well, just generally taken notes of there behaviour and the like, how often whereabouts who with all that kinda shite, then what the hell for and what the fuck do i need to be involved for, what am i talking about, how the hell would i know as usual i just make stuff up, big hello to the folks who,ve been looking in on a regular basis, there is an email address and the likes you can use, anyhoo spain stuffed ukraine at footie, poland will probably get spanked this evening, tomorra,s payday that makes alot of troubles disappear, honest , things that have been happinin on a regular basis now for the past few months are about to stop abruptly, so if it,s you ye should watch yer ass, i,m about to plant me feckin boot innit

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