Image hosting by Photobucketwot ho buggery bollox, howzit hangin and all that guff and for anyone else piss off will ya, d,ye wotch the engerlund match then, dearie me, magine winning when yer keech, lets be honest they got outta jail there, erikksonns tactics team selection are absolute shite, they played like a bunch of numpties, just as well that deformed freak of a stick insect crouch gets in the way of play every now and again, owen was complete crap, beckham should be cjharged with loitering, steven gerrard looks like e doesn,t know wtf is goin on, all the same it seems to work, anyways workin today, fridays normally me day off, needs the money so i wont complain too much, but havin to work once more wit the most annoying bollox , hahahaha, just as i typed that he wandered in, fecker, anyhoo as sittin here at reception eyeing up some big blonde german bit, I VONT TO FUCXK U THEN KILL U, dearie me, not to bad lookin really in that german hard ass sort of fashion,nice to know that some of me co-workers think i,m worth doin :) anyhoo other stuff -

the neighbours kid, feck, whats goin on there little fecker, it scream and screams at all hours of the day and night just like one of them little nutters on super nan on channel four, or whatever it,s called a better name for it would be missus your kids are piggin mental but anyways, while we,re goin on bout folks demon seed some bollox has stuck up in the canteen some wank bout CUL CAMPS, youth training by the GAA nasty bigotted freckly tweed wearin culchie gobseens, learn to play stickie and twat ball, sayin that it is the summer of sam once more, the Dubhs are gonna kick some serious bottom, sky blue and FU, hill 16 is a latrine, well probably not see-ing as there pish,

weather here, wish you were lovely. so off the weeken once again got the garden to look forward to, wash the smelly breeks, hit the duvet cover wit a baseball bat and a bit of shake vac all over, oh and eat stuff, wot u doin, really :)

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