Image hosting by Photobuckethere,s one for ya why not accuse someone of illegal activities, unwitnessed, un-tried, print their fizzog on the web and see what the repercussins are, why the hell not, is this bloggin reachin a new hi or lo, make up yer own minds fone a friend ask the audience fuck the babysitter, i really dont give a shit cause their americans again, have no respect for the law just do what the fuck ya please, there,s one story bout some guy wankin off beside on the bus or the train, yep take ,es pic thats what i would do, some other borin fuck from some rainbow bleedin parade bein supposedly harassed, dont think ya can try and sentence someone on your say so ya feckin ayatollah borin fuckers, violence is always an option just ask the iraqi,s, these type of thgings don,t happen in democratic societies anyways so i,ve got no worries?????????

Here,s a different scenario try wishin someone a nice day, it works wonders at times , take some time off to read some upbeat blogs now and again, could do ye good :)

yet another disgruntled employee wot bleedin shame that is, have ye never thought about extracating yersell from the position that makes ya so feckin miserable. i,ve got a boss obviously, he,s only in charge of certain aspects of me workin enviroment and such, no way is the fucker allowed to overstep the mark, i personally dont give ashite bout how he dress,s, what he drives , his lunch breaks and which or any of the office staff he might be bangin, see i,m only here because it,s work, it pays money, it dont pay that much money though.

A quick question
, i,ve got to take the bus to Glasnevin from Ballycoolin, OK , now remember this stuff it,s important, then return to blanchardstown- so what is the return route, goto town and get the 39 back, or should i take the 40d to ballycoolin and then get the 236 to the blanch centre, then take the 39 out to clonsilla, i know your there thinkin i couldnt give a monkeys , but ye should, now lets have some input here folks,

so not a lot else happenin at the mo, weather kinda undecided, as long as it aint snow i,m ok, wearing a short sleeved shirt just in case i get the opportunity to whip the blazer off but brought along a snorkel just in casr the expected downpour arrives, but i,ll be fucked if i,m gonna drag snow shoes along wit me on the bus, fuck me it,s nearly july innit,

anyways if yer divin up and down the highways and other today be safe and dont be feckin runnin me over, if anyone feels like dropping by and offering me a lift out to glasnevin, feel free, just dont be expecting sex i,m not that easy ye feckers, but i have brought along me 8 track collection, so we can swing along to the best of bread and the carpenters live!!!!!!!!!

and by the way ya wee fibber

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