Image hosting by Photobucketwell things are goin swimmingly and i do mean swimminglyas some stupid fecker managed to screw up the installation of the water treatment gizmo, how far up the crack in yer ass where peeps willing to suffer the rising tide before they thought about remedial measure,s, like phone a bleedin plumber, get a mop, turn off the electicity before we all get frazzled, anyhoo break out the massive aqua vac, givin it loads, along trundles the facilities geezer who,s wanting to discuss vacuming techniques, af would ye ever feck off before i insert this drain rod up yer nat king,over an hour it took to drain the water away that should let ye know how much bleedinn water had got onto the production floor, i,m knackered havin been pushin this big fuck water pump aboot this place, anyhoo another bright spot this morning an unexpected visit by our much loved ( tossbag tossbag ) area manager, wot fun as he waffled the usual shite, apparently he isn,t gettin his daily reports e/mailed to him, ( oh crumbs )now are you much of a computer man sean, not really , well i think it,s yer donglem honest, ye shouldnt be tweaking it as much as your doing, i mean we,re all gettin it regularly, yer training records feck off ya bollox you,ve lost them, i sent to ya swift post, it,s a registered service, i can check wether you received them ya know, so stop bein a silly bollox, you want us to do them again just say so, and how could anyone break the patrol clock feck the thing is solid bleedin metal, i mean we,ve tried we,re bleedinexperts on their indestructibility, we,ve deep fried them microwaved, put them through hi-pot even run the fecker over with a fork lift trucj and it keeps beepin away, someone must have dropped it, my arse,as for the rest of the crew security facilities and is, who all managed to switch into bullshit mode at the one time, that was seriously impressive, good job folks

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