Image hosting by Photobucket go on admit it engerlund are shite, shite shite shite shite,what the hell is yon swedish bollox on, who selected this squad of total fuck-ups, what is the big game plan eric, Owen hobbled off after a couple of mins totally spasticated, imagine being daft enough to play a geezer who has been unfit for club football for the best part of a year and expect him to have some kinda impact, he,s probably only fit for the knackers yard now,there is no way that any medical panel passed Owen fit and as for Rooney the fat fuck that he is, is nowhere near fit, so what was the point in bringing these pair and what about Theo????????? there must be some reason why he,s there, it cant be his success on the football pitch that got him into the squad, Lennox and Downie ?????????? CONFUSIN INNIT, Gary Neville is out as well, Gerrards got a dodgy knee, wtf is goin on, Sol Campbells a nutter and as for Crouch, ach well,

anyhoo lets start a debate about the best TV Series of the 80,s, remember them, if you didn,t see them the first time around there,s always UK GOLD, it certainly wasn,t Manimal, which everyone knows was shite, wot about CHIPS hehehehe probably the gayest thing ever on telly , wot was the name of that piece of piss wit puters and pixels and stuff gah, wtf were they smoking in the 80,s, did the kids from fame make it into the 80,s :) pure brilliant ( yea right ) the A Team, wot bout diffrent strokes,
nah bollox too the lot of them, metal mickey it rocked :)

and more pish from the BBC, axing top of the pops, what is that about, we all know that pop music has went totally shite, it wasnt the programms fault, it used to be brilliant wotchin all the saddos dancin bout the place, and if there ever was proof needed that radion DJ,s should be heaRD BUT NEVER SEEN top of the pops was it, steve wright the guys deformed,, they were all gay ye know, yep Dave Lee Travis, Tony Blackburn, Simon Bates, it,s true, they all used to live in a big house together at the bottom of the blue peter garden, Noel Edmonds is actually 14 foot tall, it,s true, anyhoo Noel Edmonds married Tony blackburn, thats true as well and george best shagged every member of pans people, i could have just made the last one up, so whats gonna happen to all the unemployed muso,s that used to be on the prog regular, the bay city rollers, sweet, the glitter band, fuck the dhss is gonna be mobbed when you try to sign on come tuesday morn, ye won,t be able to get near the bleedin counter for feckers in spandex, acrylic wigs and platform shoes, who was the most pish band to ever appear on totp i wonder, i know old GAGA Glitter was probably the biggest perv, suppose we,ll end up with some prog done by that mouthie git danny baker about the appeal of totp and the like, fuck i,d give anythin to keep that bollox off the box, wtf is his hair about, wear a hat geezer honestly,

Anyhoo kinda strayin from the point, more footie the day, engerlund have actually qualified for the next stages of the world cup unlike Ireland and Scotland who declined to participate due o the lack a good vegan menu and the unwillingness by FIFA to acknowledge Tibet and the Dalai Lama and provide adequate entertainment for the squads and officials- THE KRANKIES & LIBERACE, there is no doubt that we could have kicked evryones ass in the comp see-ing as we,re of a superior race, but the final could have been a bugger as it,s on a sunday, the sponsors of the event Buckfast Brewers stated that Ireland and Scotland being god fearing countries who abstain from the partaking of alcohol and are to be found either at church or helping old ladies on a sunday the event could be an anti climax, well fuck them, does anybody know where the hell ecuador is, i,ve never heard of anybody saying, oh i just back from two weeks in ecuador, or have you ever tried these there made in ecuador, i mean if nobody knows where it is how the hell do peeps actually get there, the 39 bus doesn,t seem to go there, not onee taxi driver on the rank at the blanch centre seemed to know where it is, even tried asking that smart ass twat Gerry Ryan where it is, he didn,t know, mind you i shouldn,t have really said- excuse me Mr smart ass twat- do you know where ecuador is, what if they,ve just made up this country and it,s actuall a team of skangers from finglas, just waiting till ye go onto the pitch to kick the footie about a bit then they sneak into yer dressing room and steal yer ipods, digi cameras, psp,s and yer year subscription to health and effiency, the dirty bastards, anyways they got taken from behind by the chermanns the other day, bet ya stan boardman would have been not well chuffed, he is still alive isn,t he- liverpool, the mersey- stan the unfunny man, now there was real talent, anyways it,s the argies dis evenin dem and de dutch, bunch of clogg dancin, windmill drug takin bastards, oh and a real biggie this afternoon , Angola versus Iran, david. v .david, hope it goes to peno.s, whats happened to Jimmy Hill, i though he had the copyright on talkin shite on the telly, wot about des lynham, frank bough, saints and greavsie, football really has become pish, i dont think i,ll be watchin the rest of the world cup,, free tibet

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