Ronaldo is a fat bastard

Image hosting by Photobucket well good bloody morning to you as well, the sun is shining still. i know its been ages since we,ve had a drop of the wet stuff, so can i just say phew wot a scorcher, nobody here has had the bottle to use this headline so far and its always a sure sign that we,re havin a good summer, that plus the fact that i,ve burnt the skin off meself, the back garden has turned too straw, the spar shop has run out of devil,s bit two weekends in a row and we,ve been barbecue-ing feckin everythin we can lay our hands on, oh and the obligatory wheelin out the relatives on weeken afternoons, y,know the ones who smell of wee i,ve told ye about them before, anyways with the rise in tempertures the bullshit that comes my way on a regular basis is beginning to hum just that wee bit more, i know iknow it,s dreadful aint it, there is a few folks who actually know that i write this piece of crap, they occassionally drop in and now and again i leave some wee snippet specifically for them, like drop dead you cnut, stop feckin lyin ya bollox, take the freakin hint would ya, now you would think these foks would be able to work some of them out, but no, i mean wtf ya self absorbed misfit, go through the archives, those wee swearies are for you ya feckin eejit, i know i should probably stop beatin about the bush and just put a big sign up in there garden sayin YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE, but why go to the expense when blogger is free, anyhoo back to the big story here -

the world cup, oh my good havin to liosten to every feckin freakin mentaloid fucktard rantin and ravin bout footie, arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh ye will never see any of these feckers actualy go to football at any time, well anyroads, the footie so far has been so-so, the germans weren,t so great conceding a couple of goals which will give a wee bit of heart to future opponents, well maybe not poland bunch of brainless fuckwits, engerlund played shite complete and utter shite, japan the usa got stuffed, brilliant shoudlnt even be there the bollox that they are, portugal were crap an all, brazil last night weren,t so great lets be honest and ronaldo, feck who ate all the pies anyways here,s somemore da vinci code type entries U FUCKIN TWAT :0

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