Image hosting by Photobucketblog blog blog blog - now here,s a funny thing, ye might not know it from me stutterings on the net but i,m very do-able, yup do-able, ye take one look at me and ye think, yep, out of ten i,d give him one, funny thing is though i,m actually quite slutty as well, i know i have this aristocratic suave sophisticated demeanour about me, kinda aloof stand-offish, but i,d still can get nasty at times,no really i can, thing is though this morning i,m feeling as horny as hell too, it,s not helped alot with all this hot weather either, or the wee skanger from finglas whose taken to hangin around reception alot, given me wee visits twice a day, she may be a bit of a skanger but she is hot and the phrase bones her jump needs to re-assembled to give ye the impression she leaves upon me, these polish women as well, fuck what do they do in that country, do they just stand about and get good looking all day, jeez, anyways back to the skanger had a good look at her butt this mornin, a right good letch, hmmmmmmmm though not perverse it was appreciative as well, kinda quite a formal thing if ya know wot i mean, a perv with good intentions :) anyhoo she didn,t mind too much and kinda walked back to her cubby hole where she had escaped from for a couple of mins, slowly, then there,s the big blonde polish bint with the tatt,s hahaha, get yer tatt,s out for the lads :) jaysus how the hell does she get to those jeans, can i get into them too, please, anyways, other stuff, well there aint much other stuff at the moment, couple of moments of total strangeness yet again, i mean wtf is i tinkin about, it,s fun though and its only round the corner, it,s great being off yer head so it is :)

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