Image hosting by Photobucketwell another fun day kicks off, gonna see if i can do a quick move today, dont want to be payin this bollox i,m renting from anymore money, just throwing my money away on a greedy bollox, and they are just being a greedy bollox, should be living rent free this month but the fucker expects a months rent today think i,ll use the money to da amoonlit flit,the fuckers in the house are unbelievable, nearly blew the bleedin house up last night, someone thought they were doin a good thing by running around wiping every surface and object with a bleedin wet cloth, including electrical appliances, feck, so i gets home, goes to make a cuppa tea, switch kettle on, bang, kettle blows up, all the lights go out, at the same time the person has the gas bolier on, the feckin cooker in fact any old appliance it can find is on,.......i smell gas, freakin hell whats this nutter tryin to do, get the gas off first, clear the house a bit, change the fuse,s, re-set the boiler, this fecker knew nuthin about these things even though they had switched everything bleedin on, dozy bollox, more than just a wee bit lucky i think, what if i hadn,t been in the house, anyways managed to get everything working properly again,

tried to get an early bleedin night, then every fecker decides to phone at once, shit what ye phoning me at this time of the night for, i dont need to know this stuff, yea i already know what some folks are up to, so what, just leave well it be for jeez, look they will have to see common sense some time, it aint such a big deal ya know and they aint involved in criminal activity, just what ye need to aid a good nights sleep so it is, barry ye do know there a bleedin nutter, awe fer christ sake would ye just drop it, i know yer only tellin me this for me own good,aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh jings but do you need to tell me at this time of night, i know the easy way outta this is to just turn the bleedin phone off, but i rely on it to wake me up in the morn, well sort of, normally get up just before the alarm goes off, ok so some of the way peeps behaved at the weekend was a wee bit petty, but it was to be expected, should have never shown face in the lovely hartstown, maybe they would have forgotten me bleedin number, everybody like a good bit of salacious gossip, something to have a good bitch about, juicy details, but feck yer becomin a pain in the hole, i do know what folks are up to, i,m pretty smart, but i also dont give much of a ............way to busy with other things, anyways fuck-em, think i,ll be lookin further afield for somewher to live,s, just a wee bit too seedy at times in lovely blanch, forr all it,s size folks tend to know too much of yer business, major problem with the hartstown is that folks are a wee bit over familiar, after a few conversations they tend to think they knew you quite well and have the right to butt in and pass comment on certain stuff which is just a wee bit inept, def unwanted overbearing, and for some gits to imply that there only lookin out for ya, bugger off, ye aint, anyhoo dont think i.ll be in the position for a couple of weeks to be hangin out in the pub, anyways thats that wee rant covered, fuckers, dont be phonin late at night,as for comments on certain and folks and stuff course i,m bloody offended, regardless i very muck like the person your bad mouthin and enjoy their company greatly, at times they have been a great gas, so they have some major faults and one of them seems to be they make really stupid decisions, but what can ye do, well you could always talk it over with the person in question and not bend my ear about it, im as much fucked off as anyone maybe a wee bit more, BUT GET OFF MY PHONE........i know i,m a right moaney bollox this morning,
Coffee,s bleedin dreadful this mornin, eccccccchhhhhh,but at least we got some, this new coffee machine seems to be a bit tempremental, or maybe it,s just plain mental who knows, factory has gone a bit quite of recent, dont know how these polish workers get by on this temp contract shit, s,pose they qualify for unemployment benefit, bit of a tragedy of recent, this is some real bad news, one of the folks who i have been workin for the past four years or so, son passed away, very young he was, naturally every bugger jumped to the conclusion it was drug or drink related, tsk tsk, shame on you, i know dublin like every where else has a drug problem so natch some folks first thought were oooohhhhhh it was drug related, as if the women didn,t have enough to contend with, but it just wasn,t the case, a previously undetected heart condition was the cause of death, see-ing as it was the first major unsupervised holiday abroad for this young person everyone thought., yea drink drugs, both, feck, this is a work collegue of yours, i know of some folks who recently are def beginning to show signs of excess, wtf are ye doin ya bleedin headcase ya, see-in yer big boozy head the other day was hardly a joy, get the fuck away from these people as soon as for fecks sake.
Anyhoo feck it, too much whingin this mornin, for sure this place and its silly wee situations are beginning to get right up me nose, a move is on the cards, i think a bit of distance between me and it will make things a whole lot easier, right now i,m off to play some games, the pretty colours may cheer me up.

Probs with some of the gizmo.s at work, the pc is runnin like a pc of pish, constantly havin to re-boot the thing. seem to have a wee problem with java stuff, tried usin a couple of java module the other day kept freakin crashin, sent a couple of messages to folks to see if they could help oot some way, now i,ll fucked as to why they didn,t answer a quick ping qould have helped out a bit, the feckin fax machine beside me is jammin the switch board, some crap goin on with the lines at the mo, bit of a network issue yet again, then there,s these feckers diggin up the phonelines on the main road, not sure weather there supposed to be diggin up the phone line but there doin it all the same, post is beginning to go a wee bit awol as well, control has went and screwed up the roster of some of the guards, at least the constant complaints from one of the guards has ceased, must have guessed i wasn,t listening and didnt give much of a bollox, and the weekend staff are makin a right pigs ear outta the job, what with this ten year check goin on the job is a pain in the hoop for something that we,ve been doin for the past 5years, have a routine goin here, but still some folks think it could do with some "streamlining"????????? would ya ever fuck off,
oh and its me birthday this week as well, hip hip feckin hooray, dont even think bout coming up with some dumb ass plan cause i will get seriously fucked off this time round, so be warned.
Managed to see the world cup final on sunday, thank feck, was looking forward to it but had to go to some extreme measures to ensure that i did,feceker feceker fecker, there was i sittin comfortbly in front of the goggle box and lo behold,arrrrggggghh your doin this on purpose, ye are, feck feck feck, what will i do now, good job i had a plan b just in case, yep i had another telly just on standby, maybe the person did do it on purpose, maybe they knew feck all about the finAL being on, but it didn,t put me in the right frame of mind for enjoying the footie, d.ye think ye could run
round with it, would ye ever feck off, run, me run, yer kiddin arn,t ye, wobble round maybe, so i sets off tinkin, bastard bastard bastard, tryin to make as much haste as poss so i could get back to the important issue of the day, me wotchin the telly, sittin cursing the person, the usual stuff, oh and a wee bit of vodoo thrown in as well, get a proper job, go look after the elderly or something along those lines, but it all worked out in the end, some foresighted peep had givin me a wee set to watch just in case, as they said, you now whats gonna happen dont ya, what, yer gonna have to return yon box durin the penalty shoot out if it goes to peno,s,,d,ye think, oh aye, virtually guaranteed, smart bollox that he is, i,m sure nuthin was further from the persons mind, still not lifting the curse i put on them though :)

well the day plods ahead as usual, have managed to get a place to view this evening an here,s hoping if it,s good enough i,m gonna jump at it, why not get moved in this evening, sooner the better i say, would be stupid of me to hand over money for rent to the landlord at the mo when they still hold a deposit of mine, like really bloody stupid i think, still havin probs with the java stuff, keeps closing on me, freezing and the like forcing me to re-boot all the time, ive disabled ad- blocker, already got some other guff disabled, i not disabling the firewall or any other such stuff, it aint that important to be able to use some of the silly wee modules anyhoo, and it,s a case if ye aint gonna use yer gonna lose it, still havin probs witt the phone lines folks just not able to get throufg at all, but what the hell do ye expect me to do about it, other folks havin a bit of grief is the canteen, as you could imagine the heat is a wee bit unbearable so they,re all in good form ach anyways at least someone else is havin a bad day for a change :(

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