aye well, so september beckons hmmmmmmmmmm,in july i got a year older but i think it took until august before i got any wiser whatever the fuck thats supposed to mean, anyways summers definitly fled, winter is upon us, oh shiver me splinters, it bein thursday night and the end of the month i most definitly is in a quandry what to do wit meself, shall i bingo me ass off, go see the hartstoon community players doin macbeth at the stat-oil( never liked that scots git) or shall i wait til the pub spills out and try and get me arias and make the fat lady sing, beats bein in some kinda menage-a twat i suppose, theres always the chinese take away, wait til the buggers go to work then i can nick round their gaff and take away their plasma TV and dvd recorder:) anyhoo got some full contact shopping to be done this eve, i shall walk past the off-sales wit me nose stuck in the air, i might cost an assistant their job but what the fuck, price of a new liver is way beyond that of a security guard , anywyas wots it got ta do wit u pig face, ahmmmmmmmmm .On the menu this evenin there will be food, GREAT, def got me appetite back and i,m feckin starvin, have cut out red meat for a good cuppla days, needs ta shove some dynamite up me colon, god haven,t had a decent kakk in days, and wot the hell am i doin buyin tins of sweetcorn, wot a bleedin stupid fing ta be doin, might as well just pour the tins down the bog, does make yer shit look like a topic though, always remember to use tinned stuff and not the frozen stuff it hurts like fuck on the way oot, oh and on the shoppin list no more for a wee bit is the likes of, habanero,s, jalapenos an chillies,................ wots this we,re havin barry..giz a taste........jeezuz feck, certainly cleared the sinus and the head a bit, which has it,s good points on the days the knackers round the corner aint burnin tyres, needsa haircut i does as well, not one of those skanger jobs, proper haircut done buy a rather large women who .well if ye,ve never been there wots the point, anyhoo i,m actually posting this fromthe bus stop, look as swotty as hell, but the extension cord is playin freakin havoc wit the traffic onthe snugboro road, tink it,s gonna rain as well. here vinnie unplugg that will ya,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, ooops

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