so how the hell r ye,ye keepin well i hope, ye may ,ave noticed the old comment section has had word verificaton and the likes lifted from it, it was just an exercise on controlling would be terrorist for awhile, makin us safe from stutterin fuckwits and utter utter feckin bores, i,m really not tht interested in readin yer homework ya bollox ye, stick up yer hole, wot d,ye do ya knobend did ye sit at the library and go through the headlines,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, how uninterestin, yesterdays quiz was about nuthin other than am gonna say wot i likes and get it right up you tossbag, anyhoo other stuff, skanger had a wee prob wit her motor the other day which made her late for gettin to the tax office, wit most folks workin mon-fri sorta 9-5, wot the hell are all these gaffs like tax office,banks post offices all goverment buildins doin shuttin early as yet, and shuttin sat & sun, wtf- when will these folks get inline with everyone else,anyways that aside i had a damn good look at her boobies this morn i,m not totally unappreciative, kinda seedy an leering but with more than just a dash of style ,wit , charm, such joy at havin such a tight young bod bouncin towards ya early in the morn :) shame she,s headin off on holidays, will ahve nuthin to perv at for a bit,

so wots did i gets up ta las nite wot wit it bein tursday! NOWT , YEP, got home kinda late from work, traffic beginnin to build up again in the blanch area, have had roadworks goin on for over a year now, feck, so just sat in the kitchen and chilled for a bit. wotched some Arry Potter,hehehehehe,

on the old cookin scene, wot is it wit some folks, learn ta cook for good grief, who the hell wots ta live like that, i know this pers tinks there livin healthy, seriously, but the stuff looks like shit, it aint that hard whens ye come in from work to take a wee bit o time to knock together somethin that not only tastes good but looks half decent as well,......statements like.i likes me veg become suddenly redundant when the veg is whipped outta a freezer? boiled to feckin death!!! then drowned in a packet of parsley sauce, feck, it looked like ye put this meal together from the contents of a dustbin, it is not to hard to cook for one, if ye really dont see the point in cookin for yerself, well maybe one you,ll die of starvation, folks who come away wit such bollox as , i cant be bothered with cookin just for meself, well it says more about ye than maybe ye wanted to tell, fuck,

cookin is an absolute joy, specially when one of the good bits about is- ye gets to feckin eat it :) ...............some of the downsides ta cookin is da washin up, feck feck feck. eecch, hates it i do be, and the glut of freakin cookin progs, jeez get the hell off my telly ya bollox ye, tues right, some freaki nitwit, plodding through france( which is quite a big country, nigh on impossible to go from north ta south holdin yer breath) talkin utter shite bouts cassoulet, feckin cassoulet, i know it,s bean stew but what is it now :) where the feck d,ye get comfit from, LIDL doen,t sell the fecker, when asked for a goose the skanger at the till says ,, i dont get off til 8, feck off wit these shit progs, more simpsons and football.

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