well its back at the desk once again, gradually recovering, hm :), gettin things fixed as well, hmmm , update the swipe system, the bleedin phone list, got the phones fixed, dada, new visitors badges, got the franking machine back bleedin fixed as well, sign in sheets, updated accident reports and feckin first aid stuff, so wots bollox face gone and done, switched the bleedin fax machine on, would ye ever just feck off, has to play wit feckin everythin when yer not there, the bugger has went and found ,imself a rubber stamp and is wandering about stamping everythin with the wrong bleedin date, other shit this morn, we,ve had a reported chance of fire( my arse) possible theft( my feckin arse) and thats only this mornin, ooooooooo plus a visit from our beloved capo de tutti frutti, our operations manager, allright bazz, feck-off ya bollox and use me proper name...........your still lucky yer in a job me boy......my arse, youse are lucky to still have a bleedin contract ya turnip.....anyways what ye doin here yer meetin not scheduled until tomorra, hehehe,

anyways i shouldn,t tease em just cause of is bad suit, is big bleedin potato head is sufferance enuff i,m sure, so e turns up wit yet more feckin improvements, how does fillin out bout twenty reports a feckin day improve the job??????????

so at last i managed to get me washin finished, brill, wot can i say, i,m so feckin happy bout that, other guff, still no booze been had this week, dada, let me phone run outta cred, yep, tidied up all me mail shit, outlook, gmail, tinkin bout dumpin me yahoo stuff totally, thing has never worked for months, upteen mail to customer service, same bull all the time-automated reply, still gettin smart ass,s sendin anon mail- have tracked down the IP sent it off to internet abuse see wot comes of that, and for the silly feckers who have been makin daft phone calls to the switchboard, ya dumb bollox all the calls are taped and tracked here as well, so thats all the annoying work details, well for this morning, not even half way through the day :(

not alot else been goin on, had band practice i da house last night, seems the band are out playin their first gig on saturday night???????? should have a quite gaff this weekend then :)

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