aloha an how the bleedin hell ar ya, still aint back to normal yet, still got a bit of the shakes on, bugger, cuppla days starvation and the like will do me good, well maybe, also cant be arsed goin anywhere near a kitchen hmmmmmmm, it,s sumthin i do enjoy doin and i do cook pretty well,me food has been described like a bit like meself, rich and tasty hahahaha :) well whatever, ooo friday nights stuff was bleedin gorgeous too, just was not gonna share that wit anyone greedy bollox that i is, just locked meself in da kitchen and scoffed the lot,accompanied by a wee nippy sweetie, me portable dvd player and some harry potter, i,m so grown -up, bought some cheap dvd,s tinkin i would just slob in the gaff over the weeken and save meself a bit o monet andf grief, yep the best laid plans, ( and it,s gang aft a gley ye heathen cnuts) anyhoo still suffering from the weeken, got everythin to catch up on yet, same at work, someone,s been gettin bit too noisy wit all the equipment when left to their own device,s, phones still knacked, but it,s not a big deal, ye can dial numbers on the system which allows calls to follow me where-ever i plunk me big arse, which can be about anywhere as i tend to doss about the factory here an there,so umpteen extensions have been given a wee nasty bug of some sort cause of some silly bollox messin, ah well whatever, also the silly sod has been opening my mail, it,s only mail relating to work and it is my work mail address so there,s nuthin that personal innit, but normally if summit has been marked as read i dont bother me arse withit, normally have dealt with whatever was needed done and just move on, but this git has been readin the mail and not mentionin that there was stuff that i was supposed to take care of, so i,ve overlooked a few wee items, ach it,s not that bad really yesterday i wouldn,t have been capable anyhoo :(

anyways enuff whinging for this now, tryin to get meslf upbeat again haha :)

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Clare...The awesome Sicilian said...

Hahah...You're life is like a roller coaster. Just take care of yourself, no starving....and try a few days of no boozin...hahah.
It's good to hear you had a nice weekend. It's also good to hear that you have slightly recovered.

(I need to think up more offensive comments)

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