aloha once again, back at the grind as per usual, things should be returning to normal you would think, all the summer holidays have been taken, so it should be full steam ahead up until the winter breaks need to be taken, same staff all the time, the regulars( hah ) same hours, no need for last minute shuffling of staff from site to the other, fat bleedin chance, .eh if you have any hours to spare Barry.......hours to spare would ye ever feck off.........i,m workin 60 bleedin hours a week at the mo how many more hours in a feckin week is there, then theres the travelling time and what not, would ye evr just feck off, dont have a bleedin minute for meself, which came to a head early last month when tryin to organise some of me free time, takes me feckin ages to get things organised ya know ya bollox ye, have to arrange peeps to get in early and loads of other shit, then the selfish sod goes and changes all the feckin arrangments again, wtf, like yesterday as well feckers makin last minute changes to the staffing, for what bleedin reason..................eh we want Vinnie to cover the NOOO Place, all well and good, but what ye gonna give us here to cover for ,im, cant be sendin some mental bollox in his place ya know. these days yer expected to do shit loads more than folks know, there idea of security is some bloke who basically just sits about all bleedin day, shit we,ve got ta be reasonably computer literate, have some workin knowledge of access control systems, cctv, be able to handle front of house and so on, ye,ve gotta look the part as well,... and we want paid for all this shit matey bollox, starting rate for a security guard aint the greatest, but then there,s all the extras that we add on, night shift allowance , weekend allowance, site bleedin allowance, ye wouldn,t believ how easy it is for security guards to slip inta the higher tax bracket, so over the year ye have to keep a good eye on the hours ye are puttin in, ye dont want to be workin loads of overtime comin up ta xmas and losin most of it to da taxman(bastard)

anyhoo other guff, still cant get me bleedin yahoo mail account ta work properly, for some reason it wont recieve mail, wots the bleedin story, now instant messenger has started acting up, i only installed it a wee while ago and it,s rarely been bleedin used and wot the feck is yahoo 360????????????????????????????/

dont much know wots been goin on other fronts been tied to the work for the past couple o weeks, beginning to get seriously fecked off wit the whole situation

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