argggg feck, back at the desk once again,jeez i,m in a helluva state, wot the hell didn,t i drink over the weekend,total bleedin headcase, needs ta get a grip on this boozin lark,sittin here havin as wee freak as usual,managed ta lose me fone and then finds it again, dropped it inthingies motor,ooooooooooppppppppppssssssss, take a bit of explaining?????
anyhoo there,s nuthin incriminating on it i fink,
feelin really sorry for me self as well eeeuuuuucchhhhhhhh, bleedin eejit that i,m becoming,
the weekend is pretty much a blur :(not that i did anything exciting, can hardly bleedin type here, me fingers hurt, me eyes hurt,aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, my head is completely wasted, all self inflicted of course

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