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heavens, even gillians hangover cure aint doin me no good, havin ta sign for courier deliveries is provin to be highly amusin. especially those bleedin electronic notepad things, feck, whatever the hell i manged to scrawl on the screen, thats wot i,m bein called today :)

stuff did happen over da weeken, just incapable of remembering most of it, friday was kinda blurry to start with, feck, was mo,s birthday on friday or summit, so dropped round ta him in da pub for a bit, had been boozin in the house afore hand so was pretty much a bleedin mess by the end of the night, mind you i did go home early, but rather than take the opportunity of catchin up on me sleep dumbass barry sat and got blootererd in the gaff, missed the footie on saturday as i was pissed and in me kip,Saturday night was inta town wit the geezers,hah, and thats all i can recollect about that, seriously, i could have had a great time for all i can remember about it, maybe i won the fekin lotto or sumthin i don,t know hmmmmmm, i do remember, bein in the gaff or cliffies house or summit and jings we just drank about everything, mental, which took us upto boot lunch time sunday, so it was back to da pub, headcase,stayed in that one til bouts 7, so then wots did he do, yep went to another pub,feck stayed put til shuttin time :)

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hav managed to misplace or even loose me bleedin fone, bugger,tink i might have left in the car, all me numbers innit obviously, things wwas beginning to pack up anyhoo, needs to get an upgrade or somethin, other than that i can,t relay much bouts the weekend, hmmmmmmmmm, the usual inquisition at the hartstoon, bleedin ,ell wot is it wit these folks, .............so wots the story with wot d,ye call them????????? jeez with me being the sort of worse for wear hopes me didn,t say anythig mental just for a lark:( dearie me

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