c heers to those folks who had a wee lookin yesterday,leavin comments and such, it appears that the new beta nonsense aint workin for everybody, bugs and the like will be fixed.......eh...........well sometime if i ever find out how one of these works...been sayin abracadabra so often beginning ta lose me voice
..........i know yer probably best approaching these probs with a bit o technical skill...but there,s no harm in tryin witchcraft now and again, it,s good ta keep yer hand in the old traditions rather than totally succumbing to technocrap,


its payday once again,havin ta get meself a new fone, buggeration, thre seems to be no end in sight to all these wee probs at the mo,still waitin on the home delivery of the puter i was promised by one pers, would give us summitta do over the weeken see-ing as how i,m gonna be house bound for the duration of it, it,s bouts time ta take another wee break fromthe mad boozin sessions,

loads and loads of footie on the box recently, continues hot foot this eve wit Derry City aiming for a place in the UEFA Cup , takin on the froggies of PSG, c,mon guys into these frenchies heh, UK teams hav been doin quite well regardless of wot seems to be chicken headed tactics and team choices? El Spaniel at the Pool seems ta have lost e,s bleedin marbles totally and has been gettin by on performances by brit,irish players rather than the ability of the team e, selected, they seem to be doin well in spite of the mad feckers determination to play geezers who are not the most adaptible to challenging overseas teams, the thing that most folks from european mainland struggle against is and have one for quite some time is players from the british league, they have kinda been trained by some corporal jones type ands gets a wee bitsy intimidated by the style and skill of homegrown players who excell in the 10yd box, much better in the air, play for 90mins, and tend to put the boot in when required, the lack of commitment hah.............waffle waffle waffle,

i,m pissed off now:) more later mibbe

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