How are ya this fine monday morn,hope ye had as good a weeken as i did????????? nah seriously, loads an loads of guff goin over da weeken so there was, where will i start:)

ne of the geezers in the house went and bought ,imself s bleedin drumkit ,heh, brilliant, one of these electric jobbies, cool or wot, :) which meant a weeken of noise makin of the highest order, what with the house bein populated by feckin muso,s no-one in the slightest tinks, bollox there goes me long ly-ins in the morn, nope we,s up at the crack of dawn givin it big licks, bish bash bosh, feckiin marvellous, so a weeken of noise makin was just wot the doctor ordered, knockin the seven bells outta me synth so i was, spendin agaes an ages programmin shit into the fecker just for it to forget it was a musical instrument an not a feckin vacum cleaner, but then a moment of inspired madness, hahaha, feckin brilliant, shame bouts some of the shortcomings in the old synth at times, got a bleedin ass-kickin sequence goin, have managed to get nearly all the midi channels workin, some stonkin sounds but then the sound from the synth itself was feckin mingin, so at times it was drivin a sequence through the VA7, usin it as well..just a midi keyboard and it not makin a squeek itself, shame that, it packs a fair grunt so it does

0ther guff, never wotched the footie, well never wotched a lot of it, too many distractions, choices whatever but not enough powerpoints heh, not yer everyday whinge but there ye go, cant plug in all me toys at the one time :( has to get the pc up and runnin as well and some form of bein able to record some of the shite i come wit, then i can stick some wacked out sounds on this ,ere piece of nonsense,

Rats.the washin machin has taken to actin the maggot yet again, it started up on staurday mornin, then stopped, feck, it hasn,t budged since, i needs ta wash all me bleedin shirts too, i ,as ta wear a uniform, unlike everyother fecker at work, so there,s no chance of goin ta work in whatever ye can find in the wardrobe or bedroom floor, ye have ta gets up, wear white shirt, bleedin tie, yet again i,m the only fecker wearin a tie, wtf is that all abouts, the bleedin manages in dis place donts has ta dress well for work .

Anyhoo,looks like control went and ballz up yet again this mornin, leavin me short staffed, feck, just wots ye need on a monday morn, still got loads of new starts as well, loads o folks still comin here,s ta work, business is feckin boomin for some reason, i really should find out wot the hell it is that we feckin make?? maybe i would wanna buy one of them meself, anyways they,ve taken some of the staff from,ere to prop up some other gaff this morn, not the cleverest of ideas, got a wee memo through the door on Sat mornin, bouts holidays, still got holidays to take or summit, bugger, hadn,t reckoned on that, holidays cost a bleedin fortune, especially if ye have nuthin planned and end up sittin bouts the gaff all day, just spendin feckin money :(

Yesterday eve, was spent pretty much in front of the telly, couldnt be much arsed veturing over the door, just didn,t feel like the bleedin local, even wit phone calls , c,mon outs and play, nah yer alright dont really feels like it mate, not much in the mood for company really, just like vegged in front of da telly, on channel 4 one of those progs they do bouts the 100 greatest stuff, last night it was animation or cartoons whats ever ye wanna call them, must have seen bouts 99 of them, heh, how feckin juvenile i is, even wit some bollox they had on tryin ti say stuff likes o they cross over inta adult entertainment., hah bollox the only reason i used ta watch was cause of the minimal effort involved, vegetable stew for the couch potato, hmmmmmmmmmmm and did wilma flintstone really say that all fred ever did was bollox things up :)

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